February 2020 Newsletter

When people are incarcerated, particularly for felony convictions, they near universally lose the right to vote. And even people incarcerated for misdemeanor offenses who retain the ability often have difficulty exercising their voting rights. This disenfranchisement, in some states, follows folks even after being released from prison. As of 2016, an estimated 6.1 million people […]

January 2020 Newsletter

The Close the Workhouse campaign calls for the immediate closure of St. Louis’ Medium Security Institution (MSI), commonly referred to as the Workhouse. The City of St. Louis condemns hundreds of presumptively innocent people to suffer in inhumane conditions at the Workhouse. St. Louis City’s MSI infamously inherited the name “the Workhouse” as detainees in […]

December 2019 Newsletter

In recent decades, the rate of women who are being incarcerated in the United States has risen at an alarming pace. Between 1980 and 2017, the number of incarcerated women increased by more than 750%. The health systems in jails and prisons have been designed for men and struggle to meet women’s unique needs, including […]

November 2019 Newsletter

What is school in prison? School in prison offers educational opportunities for incarcerated people nationwide. Education in prison has become a vital aspect of the movement toward a focus on rehabilitative justice. In “Education Opportunities in Prison Are Key to Reducing Crime,” Kathleen Bender points out that “the vital opportunity (to an education) is currently […]